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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wale could not have said it better!

For some strange reason I am truly feeling this song by Wale featuring Bun B. The joint is simply sick like simply Footz. No seriously the track is nice and it really represent this stage in my life. So I'm stay focused and keep the Wale on the dash.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kicks of the Week

These right here are extremely Hot. Yea, the kick are called Greedy Genius and you can cop a pair on the link I posted with the entry. Well have a good one; thanks for reading and God Bless!


This shit was to funny; wrap up kids!!!

The Grounds Coffeshop

Wow, when I say they are the shit I mean they the shit, like fresh crap dropping out of a cow's butt in cali. Lol yea that good and I'm talk about this out of site coffee shop that more that some simple coffee shop. This stop is so legit and I'm so glad I finally got a chance to go and check it out. This coffee has some of the most laid back people ever as client and I'm one of them. Also did I tell that the coffee is like the best part other than the poetry readings on thursday nights. I have never had coffee like this in my life and I'm not even really a coffee drinker but this was the best I have ever tasted. That cup of coffee was so so so GOOD. OK ummm, look go check the stop out for yourself. It's located by the West-end Mall on Ralph David Albernathy in Atlanta,GA. Thanks for checking in on my blog and God Bless.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Atlanta Tech is the Shit

I know it's just a two year college but for all you people who fucked around and skipped school to much in high school this is the best place for you if you got your head on straight. You don't need the ACT or SAT to get in; because, if you do not have those test they give you an entry exam which is extremely easy. Even if you are from out of state. You all should know I'm from Little Rock, AR and I slipped into the school with e'z. Well if your interested click on the link and check it out. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kicks of the Week

I'ma giving a shout out to the shop in lil five points(Atlanta, GA) called WISH; because, that is where I saw the kicks of the week for the first time. Now to be honest I know most people won't digg'em but understand this is my state of mind. So I'ma post my cool. My favorite color is green and these kicks are the shit. Drop a comment and tell me what you think about the kicks. However other than that thanks for reading and God Bless.


The first time I show this video I was like wow. Only if the whole world could be simple just like that life would be cool. This shit is read. Even if this shit was fact; fuck what real is. The action in this video are cool and that's it. Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Da Cream Team

Yeah, these boys hot as warm dog shit sitting on the sidewalk in the summer heat and you can't get much nastier than that either. But that's just how hot these niggaz are and I'm not talking about one or two of these guys; the whole gang is just sick. I'm talking terminally ill sick. I just want to thank Pharrell for even barking on this journey. Love the youtube vids and can't wait til' I get enough cash to got cope a Jacob. Shit crazy, but yeah keep an eye out for the Ice Cream Gang. Coming to store near soon hopefully.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hard Times & Good Choices

The question is to what point do you just say no. Like in any situation your morales just tell you that not right and I need to do what I need to do in a different way. Everyday people come across these situations every single day. IF your just in a bad situation and a crook said "If you work for me everything will be straight." Would you take that offer? Some people would, but today I choose not to. I know what is at risk by taking that job offering and to be honest my moms raised me better. Now to be clear; I am a human-being like anyone else on this world. SO if you live that life style just to get by I wish the best to you and I hope you live to see the days that won't have to. Because you do not HAVE to do anything. Everything in this world is a choice I just hope you make the right ones as much as possible. I'm not here to lecture anybody but something told me I need to let this out. Things happen and more importantly no matter how bad things get they always get better. Heart goes out to any and everyone that's going through something tough in thier life. Small or big my heart goes out to you wherever you are in this world. Well thank you all for reading and God Bless.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dreadheads Up

Dreads, what can I say? Well to start the entry to let you all know I myself am apart of the dreadhead community and I love it. One of the best discussion I have made in my life time and trust me that is saying a lot, lol. Well to get to the point I wanted to state the pros and cons of having dreads, why I choose to bark on the journey of dread hood, and also give my readers some history on the dreads. Yea I doing it. Alright first pros and cons. There are always pros and cons to the choice you make in life and con to having dreads off top is the stereotypes. Oh he smokes weed' maybe, maybe not. It's not your body. Oh he's lazy and does not have a good work ethic. I work my ass off all the time. Well when needed, lol. A good pro to having dreads in the semi-individual trait. Most of the people I know that wear the style are independent and do not stick to a stereotypical cool. We make our own cool and that's what makes us; well me, me. You know you can only truly speak for yourself. Second thing on the list; my choice in dread brother hood was easy. I already liked the style and the fact that people where I am form did not appeal to it. That made me what them even more. However what truly got me was the research on where dreads come form. Now throws use right into own third topic; History of the Dread. While I was growing out my hair to start my twist. I thought where did dreads come from. Well to find out of course it lead me right back to Africa where it all began. Some tribes in this land showcase this form of hairstyle. What was more interesting to me was however was the tradition of the prince in these tribes going on a journey when he became a man to find gold. The prince will find gold bring it back to the village and clasp the gold to his hair making him a man. Yea I love my dreads and will keep them for as long as possible. Ok, thank you all for reading and God Bless.

Lupe Fiasco

If you don't know who he is you should. This guy rips up the stage like a piece of wet tissue. I love the whole vibe the fellow gives off into this world. He is actually one of the greats in my mind. While I idolized his style or swagg. I check it real with my own. Shout out to the great Lupe Fiasco and I can not wait for the drop of LupEND. I already know this shit is going to be hot. From me to you Lupe; mush love. Thank you all for reading and God Bless.