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Thursday, November 20, 2008

30 going on 13

Check your swagg, if you want to be grown. Grow the fuck up, plan and simple. It’s like if you want to ride a bike tell somebody to watch out for you just in case you fall and hurt yourself seriously. Watch how grown people handle business and become one. You say you want to do this, you need to get this, and I have to make it. Then stop talking a move something. I can not understand the man that sits on his ass a watches his woman take care of the house hold. I do not understand the chick that trick off of every friend and family member she can. Stop being 30 going on 13 because in you can not count that is going in the wrong direction. You all need to be travel the other way as fast as you can while staying happy as well. So with that all said please stop this little childish type games with your boyfriends. Man, how about treat you girl with some grown man respect. I do not even believe that young American knows what true respect is, because if we all had true respect for one another like I do for everyone in this world a lot of stuff would not be said or done. The world has lost its self because it has lost respect and it is traveling in the wrong direction. 30 going on 13 is not the way to go. It’s funny that I am even writing this story right now. With person who recommend me to write about the subject is going through the very same thing herself. However Footz has spoken and my state of mind has been stated so get in contact with me. God Bless!!!

Footz, Footz' state of mind

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Simply Yours"

Do you have any idea want is a woman’s true desire
More important than anything to her heart is the burning of your fire
That drive to push on
That will to keep going
Simply yours

And never to really judge you
She just wants to hug you
But make sure you pull through
You see if not, she’ll be gone without a clue
Simply yours

Show her you’re a man
An original one with a plan
Not trying to burry her feelings
Or leave her lost in the sand
Simply yours

Look into her eyes
And show her she means something
Not even something, show her she means the world
Me with out her curls will make me feel caged in a barrel
Just simply yours

Your warm sweet kisses missing would send me in a blizzard
Lost at mind and soul because you are like my engine
Made of pure gold
So don’t leave my hanging freezing in the cold
Keep me close so I will never fold
Because I’m just simply yours

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The one and only, Skeletron!

It’s going down because Skeletron is in the build. Yes I said it, the one and only SK3 has giving me the profession to talk about and showcase some of the many talents she holds and I am grateful to do so. She is one of the great women in my life, Presious Tajah, has shown the world again why the call her Boss. That title is not given to any and every body on the streets. You have to earn it and that is exactly what she does on a regular bases. She has a dream that, I truly believe she will achieve, one day of becoming the chick with all the shit. This is some of her art work right in the center of this discussion. A piece she calls introspection and I love it with all of its glory. This piece in my thoughts puts away a lot of the art I see these days. They have no meaning or, should I put it like this, in other words no swagga. Keep in mind that this lady of class is still only and eighteen. Also still in college working hard stressed out, like most college students, on her first degree. Show keep your eyes open for your girl Skeletron and you can even hit up her MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/loveme_tokidoki. So hit up that link and the one at the bottom of this topic to support my girl Presious, she rocks!
http://www.brickfish.com/Pages/PhotosAlbums/PhotoView.aspx?picid=677957_5197037&pid=1384693&scid=363&=FBPOST , Vote as many times as you can please. She needs all of you all’s help. Rock Da Block, God Bless and I’ll talk to you all sooner than you think.

The understanding of Bitchassness {Diddy}

People, people, people, I finally understand really what Diddy is all about. Like when he says you’re full of that bitchassness. I do not believe for one second he is reading you wrong. You see a lot of people can not even see it for themselves. I couldn’t until like my third week of college. When I could not really go out and kick in Atlanta, the city of minority dreams, and I had to stay up all night for something that was not going to get me paid right now. School work, it was truly crazy. So like I can up with a game plan and the first thing that was on my game plan was Diddy’s advise. I had to get rid of my bitchassness to the fullest. All the way, just let it go. Now a lot of hood individuals are saying oh I don’t have any bitch in my blood, but ok. Show me then. Like myself I was the same way until I found out that sleep is very important but it is a liability not an asset in life. As my man Robert says, and yes he is the man with the plan. Go pick up his book rich dad, poor dad. It is a really good read. However back to the point, you have to realize you can never stop learning and you should never want to. Learning the right lessons in life are the true keys to success. So go find the right key and meet me at the door. Come on your all stop that bitchassness, do something good for yourself, and then hit me up. Any question or comments either get at me at trumphead@live.com or hit me up right here in a comment underneath. One love and God Bless!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Live strong, play hard!!!

It is hard to explain a lot of the things I would like to talk about on the blog and to be honest I do not have a solution to make this a better transaction from my head to this site. However here is one topic that has been on my mind lately. Life is crazy, point blank, but why truly go crazy with it. I’m really talking about drugs to make everything clear. Like to be honest I have nothing against light up you a blunt to get through your day or even drink sometimes when you go out to kick it. However abusing drugs in any way is so fucking dumb to me. Life is so much more precious than some dumb ass drugs some if you can not do it for yourself. Do it for the children of tomorrow put down the drugs and walk away please. I promise you it is not worth your life or even the time out of your wonderful day. Live strong, play hard!!! Now those are words to live by. Contact me a trumphead@live.com or leave a comment if you want. Just give feedback please.

The journey of a lyrical king

Listen up, the king of lyrical dreams has arrived and does not attend to leave. Also to top the cake who is better to be king than the Ace of the stack of cards? Yes, Ace is the name and music is the game. Now we are not talking about any motherfucking AceHood. I’m talking about the true king Mr. ACE the pursuit of dream lyrical master. The mix tape has dropped some people do not be afraid to take that trip to the A-State, head on down/up to the Rock and cop that for the ages. Because I’m telling you about him now but in a few week or months he will be better acquired to show you for himself. Do you understand this is a legend in the beginning phase of the journey and there is no stopping him? Check him out at www.myspace.com/ace09online. My boy I am talking about right here is so hot on the beat ladies you might orgasm to the lyrical perfection he speaks. So everyone heed my warning and go do something that will make this world better. If you have anything you would like me to touch on, just hit me up at trumphead@live.com and it will be recognized I promise. One love to you all and God Bless!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I really need some help with this!

This shit is bugging the fuck out of me. Why is it so different between what a guy does and a girl does. This is truly some bullshit. I personally say everyone makes their own choice so why does it matter, but apparently it does. See right now I’m looking at it like this. Guys can keep it as a friend relationship with a chick easier than a girl can with a guy. You see because this is how the game goes and I’m sure the ladies have picked up on it by now fellows so do not get mad at me for being real. However males will try to be a friend first, get that kinda trust bond thing going on and then say well I want to be more than friends. I’m not saying women should not have male friends while in a relationship because true that makes a relationship stronger or weaker, depending on the people involved. Now to make this clean, I’m not trying to be sexiest in anyway this is just how I feel. Come on the blog is called Footz’ State of Mind, get serious. However not be a hypocrite or anything but me and my girl both have opposite sex friends and we are a wonderful couple with very few flaws that we work out if they come to be to extreme I might add. I’m just saying nigga are nigga and you can not change that. Well we can but come on be real about it. Anyways my bothers if most of the time if you tell a chick you just want to be friends that is where is stops but then a lot of the time that is never the case. A lot of men lie and just say we’re just friend and do something complete different. I am not going to lie again because I have been in that type of situation and it was not cool. Also fellows if a chick will stay with you although you have a girl either has a disease, is extremely desperate, or is just going to use you anyway. Now with that said a lot of these niggaz out here are on that childish shit and actually want that so sorry ladies it’s really just a whole fucked up cycle. Look if you have anything to ask me please hit me up at trumphead@live.com or just leaves a comment. I promise every subject will be contacted. Thank you all for reading and have a blessed day or night.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hold Me Down

A story told with four words
Believe in true love and that is all
Love is passive in these days and time
True love is hiding and quite hard to find

Taking deep breaths and small steps
Like a child that walks for the first time
Because Love is not to be played with
And neither is the mind

Hold me tight is all that I ask
Between me and you my love will never past
No bribes or bullshit you can keep the cash
Just stay beside me so I can last

Through hard time is nothing with an angel by my side
As presius (I know) as she can be my face does not need to shy
Away from the truth or even from displeasure
You are my wings, halo, and heart

So please don’t leave me dangling breathless without a scar
Those are just words spoken from the start
Now to be honest leave if that is where we are
I love you regardless no matter what

Keep your head up and
Just listen to the words in your heart