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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The understanding of Bitchassness {Diddy}

People, people, people, I finally understand really what Diddy is all about. Like when he says you’re full of that bitchassness. I do not believe for one second he is reading you wrong. You see a lot of people can not even see it for themselves. I couldn’t until like my third week of college. When I could not really go out and kick in Atlanta, the city of minority dreams, and I had to stay up all night for something that was not going to get me paid right now. School work, it was truly crazy. So like I can up with a game plan and the first thing that was on my game plan was Diddy’s advise. I had to get rid of my bitchassness to the fullest. All the way, just let it go. Now a lot of hood individuals are saying oh I don’t have any bitch in my blood, but ok. Show me then. Like myself I was the same way until I found out that sleep is very important but it is a liability not an asset in life. As my man Robert says, and yes he is the man with the plan. Go pick up his book rich dad, poor dad. It is a really good read. However back to the point, you have to realize you can never stop learning and you should never want to. Learning the right lessons in life are the true keys to success. So go find the right key and meet me at the door. Come on your all stop that bitchassness, do something good for yourself, and then hit me up. Any question or comments either get at me at trumphead@live.com or hit me up right here in a comment underneath. One love and God Bless!!!

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