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Thursday, November 20, 2008

30 going on 13

Check your swagg, if you want to be grown. Grow the fuck up, plan and simple. It’s like if you want to ride a bike tell somebody to watch out for you just in case you fall and hurt yourself seriously. Watch how grown people handle business and become one. You say you want to do this, you need to get this, and I have to make it. Then stop talking a move something. I can not understand the man that sits on his ass a watches his woman take care of the house hold. I do not understand the chick that trick off of every friend and family member she can. Stop being 30 going on 13 because in you can not count that is going in the wrong direction. You all need to be travel the other way as fast as you can while staying happy as well. So with that all said please stop this little childish type games with your boyfriends. Man, how about treat you girl with some grown man respect. I do not even believe that young American knows what true respect is, because if we all had true respect for one another like I do for everyone in this world a lot of stuff would not be said or done. The world has lost its self because it has lost respect and it is traveling in the wrong direction. 30 going on 13 is not the way to go. It’s funny that I am even writing this story right now. With person who recommend me to write about the subject is going through the very same thing herself. However Footz has spoken and my state of mind has been stated so get in contact with me. God Bless!!!

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