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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Listen Up!!!

Yo this skateboard career sugar honey ice tea might look easy but yall better look a little harder. These tricks I pull off on a daily bases are like rocket science to some kid that do what I do, or claim they do. Posers!!! Anyways, I just got done practicing up for a up coming demo and I really wanted to share that with the world. Skateboarding is not an easy sport. My love for it just makes it all worth it. Yall have a good day!!!!!!!!!!1

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank You

I just wanted to set some time apart to thanks all of my followers/supports. I know that I don't always have the time to go back and comment on all of my followers blog entry but I do appreciate the support form my true followers. I do check up on all the blogs I follow and comment, so please don't think that I'm trying to neglect the relationship we have. Because I enjoy every single blog I follow if I didn't I won't follow you I promise. Well yea, that is basically it. I just wanted to say thank you all, truly!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Every Girl(remix)

Yo this is one of those hits from my Ace. Lol it's funny shit but it's real so laugh. However at the same time be safe yall!

Free Write

I love poetry and write all the time. So I decided to write a peom to post to my blog. This one is straight from my heart to this blog. I didn't rewrite one of my old ones or infringe on someone else's talent. I'm actully writing this part now after I have completed my poem. So please check it out and give me your true thoughts.

He puts his hands out to pull you in closer
and every time his heart burns
like an over heated toaster
All his friend call him a skateboard rover
but for you he'll easily turn that board
and become the towns number one poser
You let him feel that natural spiritual high
this is enough to make a grown man at his peek
bend over and cry
these are not tears of sadness
there is no despair in his eyes
it's water of pure joy leaking from his heart
where it's hard to find
catching different signals
at every corner a different sign
to keep move'in, stop push'in
or why not just get over
one, maybe two,ok three more times
naw just live
because life is to difficult, to confusing
without God at your side

snap,snap.snap,snap.snap, lol

By: Aaron J. Finch(K.Footz)
and as always thank you for reading and God Bless!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blogger's Block

Now I dont even truly know if that phase is proper. I just know that this blogger's block happens to me like evertime I get to flowing on my blog and posting good entries. I'm sure it's common and happen to a lot of people. However I'm not common and we are going to break this cycle right now. It's just like a drug addict but backwards. They seem to always get the first step by stopping for two or three days, but then the get right back on the beng. So I'mma stop bengging and keep writing. So for all of my good followers and of fans, check in tommorow for one of the best entries ever,lol. Thanks for reading and God Bless!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Audio Push - Teach Me How To Jerk

Yo i love this vid and the whole movement. I might just load up one of my jerk vid and show yall kidz how I getz down.

Nike SB - Today Was a Good Day Version 2 - P. Rod Ice Cube

The other one wouldn't play for me so just to make sure I added this one. It's basiclly the same vid.

Nike SB - Today Was a Good Day - Extended Version

I liked it!!!

Ace does it again

And no I am not talking about Ace Hood. I'm talking about this guy in the pic. He is a good friend of mine and one of the best underground MC's I have ever heard. They call him Ace beacause he is truly on top of his game and to be honest I don't think that he'll be stepping down anytime soon. This fellow I'm talking about truly has a love for music I just can not explain with couple of simple words. Let's put it like this if the street of the hood were a female and she represented hip-hop, then Ace would be Og and street would be his bitch. Lol, if catch my drift, then you understand that this man was meant to be great just like Wayne and I don't think anyone can stop him. I love you bro, do ya thang!!!!

A chance to smile again

If you all didn't know that I love skateboarding with a passion, well now you do. That's just the bottom line of this little story I want to tell you however. I want to high school in Little Rock, AR. I hated it and love it at the same time; not the point, there were not a lot of SB connection for me in my city. SB = skateboard. So I moved out to Atlanta, Ga and went to school. I truly only wanted part of the SB scene and I got what I wanted. Only it all happened to fast and it as got cut a little to short for my liking. I never have been the best at school, I was just an average kid making C,s and B,s. So now I'm thrown into the college life and I love it but I hate what I study. Computer Science by the way, only if anybody wanted to known. Back to the story, all of a sudden my grades begin to slip because I was to focus on my dream. Since then i had to take a quarter of to get back focus and rearrange my priorities. Now that I'm home I realized that life would suck if i didn't tough it out through college. Now all of a sudden this local skateboard shop gives me an offer of a life time. I have a chance to finally start my journey on becoming a pro skateboarder. Life takes you all over the place, just do what you need to do and it will all play out. Thanks for reading and God Bless!!!

Best Tat

Here's a best tat for you ladies out there. Who tats are hotter; Tupac's or Wayne's. You choose and tell me what you think in a comment.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Great Wayne

Come on yall, this guy went from not mentioned at all to the top 10. In fact he's claimed the title number 1 and none of us here are here to argue, but damn. How did Lil Wayne get so good!?!?!?! Well champions are supposedly not made, but born that way. Do you all believe that this is the case with Wayne. Me personally, i believe that anymore can be whatever they want to be. They just have to jump on every opportunity to get them to where they want to go. I don't know, however; supposedly Wayne was once a chump live with his girl trying to make ends meat. Now you see that he is on top and no one is here to even think about challenging him. Lil Wayne born D'Wayne Carter in New Orleans in 1982 is a champion. That is what makes Wayne better than your favorite rapper. So don't get mad; just enjoy, lol.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Out Burst!!!

Yo I am truly unhappy people, but hold on keep reading. I promise this might get interesting. I have only one person in my life that I would truly die for and that’s my little brother. However to be honest if he was aware of the world that he has to grow up in, would he even thank me? I don’t know, I won’t thank me. This would is crazy and our family isn’t exactly picture perfect. We say that our family is based off of love and togetherness, but to be honest it’s not. I truly don’t know why I’m blogging about this and putting my life out there for the whole world to laugh at, and mimic, however this helps me. It’s my little thinking method. So topic on hand, I love being alive and breathing. I love skateboarding whenever I get a chance. However life is hard and I hate it. I wish that I could just make a million bucks in one night. Just to take care of a lot of the little things. Like my debt that I have, I’m not deep in debt; however I would like to get that off my shoulders. I wish all my little problems which mostly revolve around the topic of money would just disappear. Then life would be a lot easier to live and I just might have a chance to like it again. Because you see at one points I loved life and everything it brought me. I loved that feeling as while, the feel of loving life and all. I want that feeling back. I want my life back. I want to live again. I’m kind of switching up on you all right here but I am a fine young talent handsome black male and proved of it. The things is that I am so stereotyped against that I can’t even get some of the things that I don’t have to pay for in life, like truly love. I found one true love but it is a hobby, skateboarding. I need a living breathing true love that I can trust and hold on to. My mother always told me to bring home a black girl but fuck that. I’m looking for true love not race. I would not mind having a female companion friend who can learn to understand and me to her as well. I want a best friend that I can live forever with. Well you know, until death due us part. I guess that’s it I feel a lot better now. I’m going to start doing this more often and call it out burst. So if you like this just check back in from time to time and read my outburst. Thank you all and God Bless.

Oh Yea, shouts out to Key News by my new friend Key Key go check out her blog at http://keynewsspot.blogspot.com/

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kicks of the Week

Now if you all don't know that Supra are like my favorite skateboards shoes, you should, and on top of that my favorite color is green. These kicks here are like eating a twix candy bar(my favorite candy bar) while starving. These are indeed my favorite candy bar. lol

Best Tat

I'm going to start a new series like my kicks of the week gig. This is Best Tat and it compare two people to see which one you think has the better tattoo. So like I said you choose, this week Eve's paws vs Rihanna's stars.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Making Ends Meat

I have never truly known what that statement meant until I got out here in the world on my own. Life is tough, however life is like the most beautiful in the world at the same and making ends meat is just part of the entire experience. Making ends meat is basiclly scaping up the end of your paycheck to make it the few days until your next paycheck after taking care of your bills and other expenses. However in my opinion if you are able to pull it off over and over again until you are out of the situation. Ends Meat, what a beautiful thing. Thanks for logging on to my blog and I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

One crazy show

True Blood, an HBO original series steps out of the gates of judgement for a second time for their second season. Now this show is defiantly one to follow if you want my opinion. With thrill of vampires and excitement of the show, trust this series will catch your attention one way or another. Check it out Sunday nights on HBO at 9pm. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

I've always been a fan

Micheal Jackson, now that is a name to live up to. Now this might make some, well to be honest alot, upset; however this is my state of mind so get use to it. I love M.K. and has always been a fan. Through all the news articles and televison bull Micheal remained the man in my mind. The think I have to speak out is none of anyones business, however I simply want to ask the question. Was the gay? It doesn't even matter if he was or not. I love the man truly and I have never ever in my life came anywhere close to meeting him.