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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Out Burst!!!

Yo I am truly unhappy people, but hold on keep reading. I promise this might get interesting. I have only one person in my life that I would truly die for and that’s my little brother. However to be honest if he was aware of the world that he has to grow up in, would he even thank me? I don’t know, I won’t thank me. This would is crazy and our family isn’t exactly picture perfect. We say that our family is based off of love and togetherness, but to be honest it’s not. I truly don’t know why I’m blogging about this and putting my life out there for the whole world to laugh at, and mimic, however this helps me. It’s my little thinking method. So topic on hand, I love being alive and breathing. I love skateboarding whenever I get a chance. However life is hard and I hate it. I wish that I could just make a million bucks in one night. Just to take care of a lot of the little things. Like my debt that I have, I’m not deep in debt; however I would like to get that off my shoulders. I wish all my little problems which mostly revolve around the topic of money would just disappear. Then life would be a lot easier to live and I just might have a chance to like it again. Because you see at one points I loved life and everything it brought me. I loved that feeling as while, the feel of loving life and all. I want that feeling back. I want my life back. I want to live again. I’m kind of switching up on you all right here but I am a fine young talent handsome black male and proved of it. The things is that I am so stereotyped against that I can’t even get some of the things that I don’t have to pay for in life, like truly love. I found one true love but it is a hobby, skateboarding. I need a living breathing true love that I can trust and hold on to. My mother always told me to bring home a black girl but fuck that. I’m looking for true love not race. I would not mind having a female companion friend who can learn to understand and me to her as well. I want a best friend that I can live forever with. Well you know, until death due us part. I guess that’s it I feel a lot better now. I’m going to start doing this more often and call it out burst. So if you like this just check back in from time to time and read my outburst. Thank you all and God Bless.

Oh Yea, shouts out to Key News by my new friend Key Key go check out her blog at http://keynewsspot.blogspot.com/

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K3Y K3Y said...

yea i get where u coming from. Money issues are very stressfull a lot of time sometimes u feel like u just want to escape and just live ur life to the fullest with no worries. And with the relationship thing i agree. It dosn't matta what race what mattas is to find someone that is ment for u. someone that understands u and someone thats kool to kick with and just be there for u and have yo bck. Nice little out burst lol :)