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Look I know you would love to have a little insight on the man behind the mischeif but honestly this is me. Just check out my state of mind.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kickz of the Week

I know it'z been awhile but it is wat it is right. These right here are no joke in my eyes. Lizard King is one of the dopest skaterz in the game so shout out his shoe. Come on look at em, they fresher than a ripe apple pick off of a first breeded tree. lol, for real! You all know my favorite color is green but I've been wearing a lot of purple lately. Footz State of Mind, period. Thank you all and God Bless! 4real!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push (Video)

Just becuz I can

Random Outburst!

Today is a blessed day becuz today was not promised; but given as a gift. So should we destroy a gift that is not ours to give. I'll tell you right now, NO! Murdering a brother or destroying your own life with drugs is wrong. Living your life is right. Destroy your own life and leave us to be. Becuz I can tell you now, like I did before, we fine. We're happy, your the one dragging us down. Just becuz your haven't set your goal to be happy today no matter wat. Just becuz you want to snap on the first person who trys to play you today. Just beucz your not focus'd. However you know wat to whoever I'm talking to right, I love you and I don't even know you. I don't care if you are a KKK at most high leader. I Love You, just becuz I can and you can't make me change my mind. You are a child of God, so you are my brother/sister and I love you. Even if we have different religions, I understand and I still love you. This is completely from the heart and I hope you take held to it. That's all, thank you for living and God Bless!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beamin

str8 mental

Str8 mental is new and it just kinda popped in my head. I need a name for topics that just jump in my head. Tonight I want to talk about me and you might want to listen up. This goes out to all of my lady who want a little more, groupies trying to get attention, and good women how want me around. Listen, I know that I am a good guy. However at the end of that statement I am still a guy. I have needz that have to be fed on a regular bases just you ladies do. Sex is wonderful and I say that with a open heart but I don't give my body to anyone like most people not even guys. I'm searching for a wifey type, not really, I'm truly just living my life relaxing and she comes; she comes. So if my rider isn't then I must not be ready to dip. Mrs.HoldMeDown will come and will be cater to well necessary in mind, not hers. I will treat my lady with the up most respect. I say all of this just to break it down to you. Every girl I met is not my Mrs.HoldMeDown, if I show u attention you are most defiantly a potential but that does not make us set in stone. Come on be serious, if you don't respect yourself; why in the world should I. Now I won't dawg you like most but and you will not be on my mind any long than the two seconds it took me to find out that you were: fake, going, stupid, of slick. Those types of girlz get no play for Footz. I truly hope I find true unbreakable love one day; however, until then thank you for reading and God Bless!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Key to a shattered heart

You know who I am talking to! Look just becuz we are apart does not mean that you didnt play your part. I went thru something weird and strange, becuz of my life's stess and game, I had a mental break down that had me in physical and mental pain. Look I no longer reside in Atlanta, GA and I left my phone at my aunts crib so I can't be reached. I owe you an explaination and it will all be revealed. I just for a second to unfold and peal. Don't take this as a joke, I am as serious as can be. Becuz I understand true love is wat you had for me! I'll call you as soon as I can!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She raised me Right

What is the right way to raise a child, well if you ask me, there isn't one. My mother just did the best she could with what she had and haves to this very day. She taught me lessons when she saw that I was ready for them. She showed me things when my eyes were fit to see. My mother raised me like no other. My family isn't and never have been the wealthest of folks. We come from the country, Dumas Arkansas, to be excact. We are like most in and out of bad times; we just want to make it. Also despite we goes on around us we stay happy at heart. I can't tell you what truly got me to this state of mind but I have arrived and I love it. Footz if who I am and this is how I state my mind. I love you all; thanks for reading and God Bless!!!