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Sunday, February 14, 2010

str8 mental

Str8 mental is new and it just kinda popped in my head. I need a name for topics that just jump in my head. Tonight I want to talk about me and you might want to listen up. This goes out to all of my lady who want a little more, groupies trying to get attention, and good women how want me around. Listen, I know that I am a good guy. However at the end of that statement I am still a guy. I have needz that have to be fed on a regular bases just you ladies do. Sex is wonderful and I say that with a open heart but I don't give my body to anyone like most people not even guys. I'm searching for a wifey type, not really, I'm truly just living my life relaxing and she comes; she comes. So if my rider isn't then I must not be ready to dip. Mrs.HoldMeDown will come and will be cater to well necessary in mind, not hers. I will treat my lady with the up most respect. I say all of this just to break it down to you. Every girl I met is not my Mrs.HoldMeDown, if I show u attention you are most defiantly a potential but that does not make us set in stone. Come on be serious, if you don't respect yourself; why in the world should I. Now I won't dawg you like most but and you will not be on my mind any long than the two seconds it took me to find out that you were: fake, going, stupid, of slick. Those types of girlz get no play for Footz. I truly hope I find true unbreakable love one day; however, until then thank you for reading and God Bless!!!

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Sophie said...

haha, well-put dude. i could never ever project my thoughts so well through writing. i'd use a whole bunch of unnecessary metaphors that would confuse the crud out of someone.. unless you think like me (which, might i add, is rare).

but i hope you find this girl :D