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Friday, August 7, 2009

Audio Push - Teach Me How To Jerk

Yo i love this vid and the whole movement. I might just load up one of my jerk vid and show yall kidz how I getz down.


K3Y K3Y said...

lol yea u should do that I was thinking bout doing them same thing lol

Tai Destiny said...

You rock as well =]

Tia said...

Jerkin is taking over..i love the video as well

Sophie said...

Thanks your blog is awesome too (: It's like you can spot little things, if you look closely (like Useless Knowledge!)
Idk how long I've been planning on making a Jerkin vid, but I can never come around to posting them up because I end up deleting the videos. I can jerk, but I'm a perfectionist, so that speaks for itself. Ha