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Monday, August 10, 2009

Free Write

I love poetry and write all the time. So I decided to write a peom to post to my blog. This one is straight from my heart to this blog. I didn't rewrite one of my old ones or infringe on someone else's talent. I'm actully writing this part now after I have completed my poem. So please check it out and give me your true thoughts.

He puts his hands out to pull you in closer
and every time his heart burns
like an over heated toaster
All his friend call him a skateboard rover
but for you he'll easily turn that board
and become the towns number one poser
You let him feel that natural spiritual high
this is enough to make a grown man at his peek
bend over and cry
these are not tears of sadness
there is no despair in his eyes
it's water of pure joy leaking from his heart
where it's hard to find
catching different signals
at every corner a different sign
to keep move'in, stop push'in
or why not just get over
one, maybe two,ok three more times
naw just live
because life is to difficult, to confusing
without God at your side

snap,snap.snap,snap.snap, lol

By: Aaron J. Finch(K.Footz)
and as always thank you for reading and God Bless!!!


Tia said...

nice one! i like it

Sophie said...

That one deserved five snaps (: Dude it would be awesome if I could write poetry like that! Sometimes I have to be experiencing an extreme emotion to finally get one that is worth reading and it's not easy..