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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Making Ends Meat

I have never truly known what that statement meant until I got out here in the world on my own. Life is tough, however life is like the most beautiful in the world at the same and making ends meat is just part of the entire experience. Making ends meat is basiclly scaping up the end of your paycheck to make it the few days until your next paycheck after taking care of your bills and other expenses. However in my opinion if you are able to pull it off over and over again until you are out of the situation. Ends Meat, what a beautiful thing. Thanks for logging on to my blog and I hope you enjoy!


K3Y K3Y said...

yea money iz tight at my house rite now. but u kno it's all good i dnt dwell on the bad i like to look on the bright side lol

K3Y K3Y said...

thanks for the skinny jeans comment. I would post pics but my camera broke :(.lol but when i get a new one im most def gona be posting pictures of em.and also thanks for the friend requst buddy ;) lol. I also made another poem u should check it out n tell me what u think

ps:we should tlk more a have this cbox on the side of my blog under my playlist hit me up on there :)