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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hold Me Down

A story told with four words
Believe in true love and that is all
Love is passive in these days and time
True love is hiding and quite hard to find

Taking deep breaths and small steps
Like a child that walks for the first time
Because Love is not to be played with
And neither is the mind

Hold me tight is all that I ask
Between me and you my love will never past
No bribes or bullshit you can keep the cash
Just stay beside me so I can last

Through hard time is nothing with an angel by my side
As presius (I know) as she can be my face does not need to shy
Away from the truth or even from displeasure
You are my wings, halo, and heart

So please don’t leave me dangling breathless without a scar
Those are just words spoken from the start
Now to be honest leave if that is where we are
I love you regardless no matter what

Keep your head up and
Just listen to the words in your heart

1 comment:

Casey Lewis said...

Wow Aaron, this is amazing. I really like your poetry. Keep it up bro!