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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The one and only, Skeletron!

It’s going down because Skeletron is in the build. Yes I said it, the one and only SK3 has giving me the profession to talk about and showcase some of the many talents she holds and I am grateful to do so. She is one of the great women in my life, Presious Tajah, has shown the world again why the call her Boss. That title is not given to any and every body on the streets. You have to earn it and that is exactly what she does on a regular bases. She has a dream that, I truly believe she will achieve, one day of becoming the chick with all the shit. This is some of her art work right in the center of this discussion. A piece she calls introspection and I love it with all of its glory. This piece in my thoughts puts away a lot of the art I see these days. They have no meaning or, should I put it like this, in other words no swagga. Keep in mind that this lady of class is still only and eighteen. Also still in college working hard stressed out, like most college students, on her first degree. Show keep your eyes open for your girl Skeletron and you can even hit up her MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/loveme_tokidoki. So hit up that link and the one at the bottom of this topic to support my girl Presious, she rocks!
http://www.brickfish.com/Pages/PhotosAlbums/PhotoView.aspx?picid=677957_5197037&pid=1384693&scid=363&=FBPOST , Vote as many times as you can please. She needs all of you all’s help. Rock Da Block, God Bless and I’ll talk to you all sooner than you think.

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Casey Lewis said...

Wow, that's an awesome painting. I voted for her! You know I paint too and from one artist to another, you're awesome!