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Monday, November 17, 2008

Live strong, play hard!!!

It is hard to explain a lot of the things I would like to talk about on the blog and to be honest I do not have a solution to make this a better transaction from my head to this site. However here is one topic that has been on my mind lately. Life is crazy, point blank, but why truly go crazy with it. I’m really talking about drugs to make everything clear. Like to be honest I have nothing against light up you a blunt to get through your day or even drink sometimes when you go out to kick it. However abusing drugs in any way is so fucking dumb to me. Life is so much more precious than some dumb ass drugs some if you can not do it for yourself. Do it for the children of tomorrow put down the drugs and walk away please. I promise you it is not worth your life or even the time out of your wonderful day. Live strong, play hard!!! Now those are words to live by. Contact me a trumphead@live.com or leave a comment if you want. Just give feedback please.

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