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Saturday, November 15, 2008

I really need some help with this!

This shit is bugging the fuck out of me. Why is it so different between what a guy does and a girl does. This is truly some bullshit. I personally say everyone makes their own choice so why does it matter, but apparently it does. See right now I’m looking at it like this. Guys can keep it as a friend relationship with a chick easier than a girl can with a guy. You see because this is how the game goes and I’m sure the ladies have picked up on it by now fellows so do not get mad at me for being real. However males will try to be a friend first, get that kinda trust bond thing going on and then say well I want to be more than friends. I’m not saying women should not have male friends while in a relationship because true that makes a relationship stronger or weaker, depending on the people involved. Now to make this clean, I’m not trying to be sexiest in anyway this is just how I feel. Come on the blog is called Footz’ State of Mind, get serious. However not be a hypocrite or anything but me and my girl both have opposite sex friends and we are a wonderful couple with very few flaws that we work out if they come to be to extreme I might add. I’m just saying nigga are nigga and you can not change that. Well we can but come on be real about it. Anyways my bothers if most of the time if you tell a chick you just want to be friends that is where is stops but then a lot of the time that is never the case. A lot of men lie and just say we’re just friend and do something complete different. I am not going to lie again because I have been in that type of situation and it was not cool. Also fellows if a chick will stay with you although you have a girl either has a disease, is extremely desperate, or is just going to use you anyway. Now with that said a lot of these niggaz out here are on that childish shit and actually want that so sorry ladies it’s really just a whole fucked up cycle. Look if you have anything to ask me please hit me up at trumphead@live.com or just leaves a comment. I promise every subject will be contacted. Thank you all for reading and have a blessed day or night.


Casey Lewis said...

I completely agree. People these days have lost the value of trust, especially in relationships. Trust is something very powerful and should always be at the core of any relationship. Trust allows you to live and not worry about what your partner is doing all the time. It not only strengthens the relationship but just allows you to have peace and not worry. Take the time to TRUST, you'll find that it's so worth it.

Anonymous said...

your blog really true
there are differences in male
and female relationships..but
if ur man enough or woman..you
should be able to understand..
that our feeling are somewhat the same..