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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dreadheads Up

Dreads, what can I say? Well to start the entry to let you all know I myself am apart of the dreadhead community and I love it. One of the best discussion I have made in my life time and trust me that is saying a lot, lol. Well to get to the point I wanted to state the pros and cons of having dreads, why I choose to bark on the journey of dread hood, and also give my readers some history on the dreads. Yea I doing it. Alright first pros and cons. There are always pros and cons to the choice you make in life and con to having dreads off top is the stereotypes. Oh he smokes weed' maybe, maybe not. It's not your body. Oh he's lazy and does not have a good work ethic. I work my ass off all the time. Well when needed, lol. A good pro to having dreads in the semi-individual trait. Most of the people I know that wear the style are independent and do not stick to a stereotypical cool. We make our own cool and that's what makes us; well me, me. You know you can only truly speak for yourself. Second thing on the list; my choice in dread brother hood was easy. I already liked the style and the fact that people where I am form did not appeal to it. That made me what them even more. However what truly got me was the research on where dreads come form. Now throws use right into own third topic; History of the Dread. While I was growing out my hair to start my twist. I thought where did dreads come from. Well to find out of course it lead me right back to Africa where it all began. Some tribes in this land showcase this form of hairstyle. What was more interesting to me was however was the tradition of the prince in these tribes going on a journey when he became a man to find gold. The prince will find gold bring it back to the village and clasp the gold to his hair making him a man. Yea I love my dreads and will keep them for as long as possible. Ok, thank you all for reading and God Bless.

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