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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Footz, Footz' state of mind

Hello America, it is a new year and a fresh start. Now while I was attending high school, I did not understand the mean of a fresh start. I will be going back to the same school with the same people in the same town. So how can it be a fresh start? They all know what happened the first semester of the school year. Well now I see it is a lot more to it than a fresh start in other human-beings eyes. It is time for you to wake up, look at yourself, and show the world that you are not a joke. More like a force to be wrecking with. Laughter, that was funny. However sticking to the point, it’s really is the time for a complete positive change. Let us all join together now and abolish racism, prove stereotypes wrong. All of us together take back the world God has given us from the hands of despair. It’s a new year with a new kind of mind set. I believe this world can work without war. I believe we do not need any kind of violence to solve problems between societies. I’m going to start this year off right and I hope and pray that you join me on my journey to true freedom.God Bless America and everywhere else!

Love, Aaron Finch

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