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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hi my name is Footz and I am addicted to kicks

I am what most people will call a sneakerhead. I love fresh, clean, original pairs of kicks. Myself person I tend to cop more nick dunks than any other brand I just like how the fit and match my appearance. With all of that stated I have decided to show case new kicks from now and then, while also tell you why I like them so much myself. Like this pair I found off of sneakerhead.com. Kind of fun huh? If you don't know that my faortie color is green, you know now. These kick just stood out to me when I crossed over them on thier site. Also thier dunks and as I said before, dunks are the best. Go check out the site and give me some feed back on the kicks. Well thank you for checking out the blog and God Bless.

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